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The location of Ephyra

Ephyra is one of the oldest cities of ancient Epirus. It was located close to the village of Mesopotamos. It was the most important colony of Ileioi located at the meeting point of Kokytos river and Acheron river, close to Nekromanteio. It communicated with Cheimerio port and became a big trading centre.

In 1400 – 1300 B.C. came to the region colonists from Mycenae and built huge walls of 1.200 metres, just like the walls of Tyrintha, under the orders of the king Achaios. Here there were found tombs from the Iron Age. The king Phillip B’ gave the city to the habitants of Epirus. It was finally destroyed by the Romans in 167 B.C.

Homer, mentions in Odyssey, the meeting of goddess Athena with Telemachus, in Ephyra. Here it was located the famous Nekromanteio but also one of the gates to the Cathode to Hades. At this place came the hero Hercules so as to go down to Hades and liberate Theseus, according to mythology.

From Ephyra of Thesprotia was also Antifos, who took part in the Trojan War as a captain of a navy with 30 ships.