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Byzantine Museum of Ioannina

The museum

The south side of the museum

Epirus with its magnificent monuments of the byzantine and the post-byzantine age, needed an appropriate museum to house, display and save all the findings of the old-christian and the byzantine period, the icons, the silver objects, the woodcuts, the books, the ceramic objects and many others.

So the building which was built on the south inside cittadel of the castle of Ioannina in 1958 by the architector Alexander Baltatzis, for the kings’ accommodation, it was turned into a museum in 1995.

Many painters, craftsmen, woodcarvers and silversmiths who presented their works in the museum of the byzantine and the post-byzantine period.

Next to the museum there is a department with exhbits of silver and byzantine art.

The most important exhibits:

  • Mural from the Red Church which is in Vourgareli of Arta.
  • Icons of clay from the church of St. Vasileios of Arta.
  • Woodcarving sanctuary gate.
  • An old printed book and gospels.
  • Blessing crosses, wallpaintings and many others.

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