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Arachthos river

The gorge of Arachthos

Arachthos river is one of the most important rivers of Epirus. Along with its tributaries gathers the water of the largest part of the mountains between Metsovo and Tzoumerka. At the location of Klifki ends up the water from an underground river that flows there.

In the ancient times it had the name Inachos and was floating until the city of Amvrakia. The river flows with its impetuous water into a big gorge, up to the historical arch bridge of Plaka. In this impetuous river many accidents took place and it is mentioned in many legends and traditional poems.

Arachthos river crosses the plain of Arta and empties its water by a big river delta into a significant wetland in Amvrakikos bay. It powers with its plenty water the hydroelectric dams of Pournari and Agios Nicolaos.

At the hydroelectric dam of Pournari there is an artificial lake, which is a complex of natural beauty and harmony with many traditional settlements. This lake is considered as a siginficant wetland.