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Ammouda – Splantza


Mouth of Acheron river

The cove of Alonaki near Ammoudia

It is a beautiful seaside settlement that is located at the estuary of Acheron river. It has an excellent tourist infrastructure with hotels, fish taverns, etc. From this beautiful side of the prefecture of Preveza, according to the tradition Odysseus following Acheron river and after Acherousia lake arrived to the ancient colony of Mikines, Ephyra, and the famous Necromancy.

In Odyssey of Homer, the witch Kirki advices Odysseus to go to Hades to meet the soul of the seer Teiresias so as to return to Ithaca. So, he came here, to the municipality of Kimmerioi, crossed the forest of Persephone (of high elms and willows) and he found a rock with a cave at the meeting point of Kokytos with Pyriflegethonta and Acheron river.

The description of the descent of Oddyseus to Hades and the founds of the excavation, seem to show the same data according to the archaeologist S. Dakaris, professor in University of Ioannina. Hermes led the souls to Hades following the same route.

Very close to the archaeological site and the region of today’s village of Mesopotamos there is the amazing beach of Ammoudia, where flows into the river of Acheron. Also, in the region of Fanari there are many siginificant villages and sights.