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Archaeological site of Orraon

Church of St. Nicolas in Kampi

Ammotopos is a rural village of farmers and shepherds built among the mountains of Gkogkomylos and Tsouka. It is the seat of the Municipality of Ksirovouni and is northwest to the city of Arta, at a distance of 10 km.


  • Near Ammotopos: Archaeological site of Orraon
  • Near Ammotopos: Church of St. Paraskevi of Ampelia in the caves of Dragonhole, of the 5th century
  • In Zeros of Filippiada: Monastery of Basilica of Pantanassa. It is a ruined ex royal monastery of Micahel B’.’
  • In Ksirovouni: Monastery of Faneromeni
  • In the village of Kampi: Byzantine churches, church of the Prophet Elias, church of St. Aikaterini, church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary, church of St. Nicolas