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View of Agnanta

Monastery of St. Aikaterini

Monastery of Chrysospiliotissa

The waterfalls in village Katarraktis

The village of Agnanta is located at the north part of the prefecture of Arta and is at a distance of 87 km. from the city of Arta. It is a beautiful village built at the west side of Tzoumerka into o forest of fir trees with plenty water. It is the seat of the municipality. At the region of Agnanta there are also the high tops pf Tzoumerka. The region if famous fow itsa natural beauty and here is developed the mountainous tourism.

Sights in the region:

  • In Agnanta: Church of Virgin Mary, watermill, the bridge of Plaka
  • In Katarraktis: Monastery of St. Aikaterini, waterfalls
  • In Graikiko (Gourgiana): Monastery of Chrysospiliotissa
  • In Lepiana: Church of Ipapanti
  • In Koukoulia: Ancient walls
  • In Ramia: Hill of Avarikos, Arachthos river (location of Kounies)
  • In Ktistades: Folk Art Museum

Visit also in the nearby village of Pramanta the cave of Anemotrypa.