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A trip to Pamvotida lake

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The pier from where leave the boats for the island

The famous by songs lake of Ioannina, Pamvotida lake, enchants every traveller with her beauty. You can enjoy it by walking at the pier around the east side of the castle and the lakeside zone of the city. At this area of the city there many places of entertainment, bars and cafes where you can enjoy your drink or coffee.

It is also necessary a visit to the island of Pamvotida lake (the only one lake island of Europe with habitants). Boats do ferries from and to the Island.

Another one good suggestion for trip, is a trip around the lake by car. The route is a good way to see the whole lake, but also visit the villages around the lake and other interesting sights, such as the Cave of Kastritsa and the Monastery of Dourachani in Drampatova. In the region of Drampatova you can also find many restaurants and taverns where you will have the chance to enjoy local plates and plates of Greek cuisine.

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