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A trip to Kalamas river

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Kalamas river

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From the river delta of Kalamas

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Dam in Kalamas river

Kalamas river flows near the village Ragio at the northwest of the prefecture of Thesprotia, between Mavronoros and the hill of Mastilitsa. A dirt road leada to the river delta, and from there you can continue by walking until the point where the river meets the sea.

A trip to the river delta of Kalamas
The river delta of Kalamas is a shelter for many different species of birds, but also for herds of wild horses. At the banks of the river grow many plane trees. The majority of the little islands that are formed at this place have been covered by the deposits of the river. Another way to observe the thousands of birds that nest at the delta river is by boat from Sagiada.

A trip to the narrow gorge of Kalamas
The access to the region is possible from many places, with starting point either Ioannina, or Igoumenitsa, or Filiates. At the beggining and the end of the gorge, you can see the citadels of Osdina and Raveni, standing on bulk rocks. During your trip you will see the old watermills, the two citadels with byzantine fortresses and post-Byzantine churches, rare flora and the steep cliff which there is at “Faraggopidima” location.