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A trip to Acheron river

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Acheron river

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Bridge of Dala

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Activities in Acheron river

Acheron river is located at the prefercture of Thesprotia. Its springs are on the mountains of Souli and ends up in Ionian Sea. Acheron river and the areas around it are an important ecosystem recognised and protected by Natura 2000. In this region of exceptional beauty you can enjoy walkings, sports, trips and excursions. In Acheron river you can also do many activities like rafting, etc.

The springs of the river are located at Glyki village on the margins of the prefectures of Thesrotia and Preveza. For thoese who can stand its cold water, they can enter the river from its springs as it is shallow in many parts. Going up against the river stream you can pass under the bridge of Dala where the stream Dala meets Acheron.

Along the route, there is “Tzavelaina Stairs“, the famous path that was used by the residents of Souli during the Ottoman period. You can continue till the springs of stream Dala, where there is an old restored watermill, or follow the road to “The Gates of Hades” directed to Serziana, a point where the canyon is very narrow.

In the past the rocks were united on the top, giving the image of a tremendous gate, “The Gate of Hades“. You can find many points of the river where the water flows slowly and offered for swimming.