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Monastery of St. Paraskevi of Monodendri

View of the Monastery

In the famous for its beauty village Monodendri of Zagori, at the cliff of the gorge of Vikos, there is the monastery of St. Paraskevi, which is one of the most ancient monasteries of Epirus.

A beautiful stoned path built in 1412 by Michael, Voevodas of Thereanos, leads us to the entrance of the monastery. It is about a real monastery – fortress: Arched gate, stone buildings, well-built cells, well, trap door, etc. where leads the artistic buliding with stone.

The small church has some old wallpaintings and is also a church of one space with a wooden painted iconostasis. On the left side are painted the founder of the Monastery Voevodas, his wife and his daughter Paraskevi, who acoording to the tradition, passed her whole life in the monastery.

The monastery with its caves by side was a safe shelter for the habitants of the region during the period of revolution against the Turks, Its wild beauty of the around space and the monastery, along with the magnificent Vikos gorge at the region of Monodendri, attracts a lot of tourists every year.