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kefalovryso and the nearby villages


The city hall of Kefalovryso


Kefalovryso is a village of the region of Pogoni, built at an altitude of 650 metres. It is the seat of the Municipality of Ano Pogoni. It is also an important financial centre for the region of Pogoni because there is one factory of the 5 factories of the Greek Industry of Arms.

Other villages of the region:

The village of Vissani in Pogoni is built at an altitude of 750 metres and is at a distance of 8 k. from Delvinaki. The village was founded during the 14th century, developed a lot and during the Ottoman period it was the cultural centre of the region of Pogoni.

In Vissani there was a school before 1770 and here learnt how to read first Ali Passia. About the name origins there are many different aspects. The main one is that it comes from the word “Vissa” which means “pots of many successive trees”, something that is obvious due to the location of the village.

Vissani was very developed, which is obvious due to the beautiful stone-built houses, the girls’ school, the greek school and the big church of St. Nicolas of the 18th century. Near Vissani there is also the famous Monastery of Avel.

In Kato Meropi there is a folk art collection at the old primary school and at the location of Glava there were found prehistorical squared tombs. The nearby Monastery of St. Ioannins the Baptist (1614), the church of St. Athanasios (1585) and the church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary (1413) have been characterised as hitorical preserved monuments. [Please see also: Churches in Kato Meropi.]

In the village of Palaiopyrgos in Pogoni there were found at the location of Paliouria archaelogical founds from the prehistorical era. Near the village, there is also the stone bridge Gkretsi in the narrow gorge of Gormos and a traditional watermill, which has been characterised as a preserved monument.